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       cacao - a Java just-in-time compiler


       cacao [ options ] classname [ argument ...  ]
       cacao [ options ] -jar file.jar [ argument ...  ]


       The  method  main of the class classname is executed.  Method main must
       have the signature public static void main(String[] argv). The  program
       arguments  are  passed  to  method  main  in the string array argv. The
       environment variable CLASSPATH must contain the directory of  the  Java
       class files.


       Currently recognized options are:

       -classpath path
              Set  the  search  path for user-defined class files. Usually the
              environment variable CLASSPATH specifies the  search  path,  but
              this  option  overrides  the  value of the environment variable.
              path may be a  colon-separated  list  of  directories  and  .jar

       -cp path
              Equivalent to -classpath path.

              Assign a value to an entry of the system property list.

              Enable specific verbose output.

              Print product version and exit.

              Print jpackage-compatible product version and exit.

              Print product version and continue.

       -help, -?
              Print this help message and exit.

       -X     Print help on non-standard Java options.


       Currently recognized options are:

              Append path to the search path of the bootstrap loader.

              Prepend path to the search path of the bootstrap loader.

              Set  the search path of the bootstrap loader to path.  path is a
              list of .zip files, .jar files, or directories, separated by  :.

       -Xint  Interpreter mode execution.

       -Xjit  JIT mode execution (default).

              Set the initial size of the heap (default: 2MB).

              Set the maximum size of the heap (default: 64MB).

              Set the thread stack size (default: 128kB).

       -all   Compile all methods, no execution.

       -cb    Disable array bounds checks.

       -cs    Disable synchronization.

       -l     Don’t start the class after loading.

              Don’t warn about overlong UTF-8 sequences.

       -log logfile
              Specifies the logfile. Default is stdout.

       -lsra  Use linear scan register allocation.

       -m method
              Compile only a specific method.

              Turn off bytecode verification and other verifier checks.

       -sig signature
              Specify signature for the method given by the -m option.

              Use software nullpointer check.

       -stat  Print detailed compiler statistics.

       -time  Gives statistics about run time after the program has completed.

       -v     Print state information.


       The following options are useful for debugging cacao:

       -sa    Show a disassembled listing of the generated code.

       -sc    Show the constant pool.

       -sd    Show data segment listing.

       -se    Show disassembled exception stubs (only with -sa).

       -si    Show intermediate representation.

       -sm    Show class fields and methods.

       -sn    Show disassembled native stubs.

       -su    Show the internal utf hash.

              Print more information.

              Trace method calls.

              Trace exceptions and stack unwinding.

              Print a message for each garbage collection.


       -eager Perform eager class loading and linking.

       -ie    Inline methods with exceptions.

       -in    Activate inlining of methods.

       -io    Inline methods of foreign classes.

       -ip    Optimize argument renaming when inlining.

       -iv    Inline virtual methods (uses/turns -rt option on).

       -oloop Optimize array accesses in loops.

       -rt    Use rapid type analysis.

       -vta   Use variable type analysis.

       -xta   Use X type analysis.


              A colon-separated list of directories and .jar files  to  search
              for user-defined classes.

              A colon-separated list of directories and .jar files searched by
              the bootstrap loader.


       The CACAO Team:

       Reinhard Grafl, Andreas  Krall,  Christopher  Kruegel,  Carolyn  Oates,
       Roman  Obermaisser,  Martin  Platter,  Mark  Probst, Stefan Ring, Edwin
       Steiner,  Christian  Thalinger,  Dieter  Thuernbeck,  Philipp  Tomsich,
       Christian Ullrich, Joseph Wenninger

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