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       bubblemon-gnome2 - Displays the system load as a bubbling liquid




       This  GNOME  applet  displays the system load in the form of a bubbling
       liquid.  The surface level corresponds to the amount of memory used  by
       the  system;  a high surface level means that lots of memory is in use.
       The amount of bubbles indicates the system load; lots of bubbles  means
       a  high  system  load.  The color of the liquid indicates the amount of
       swap space used.  As long as the liquid is water  colored  no  swap  is
       being  used,  but  as  more  swap  is  used the liquid turns redder.  A
       message in a bottle indicates that there is unread  mail  in  the  file
       pointed out by the $MAIL environment variable.  Seaweeds / reed growing
       up from the bottom indicate IO load; high weeds equals high load.

       If you want exact figures, there is a tooltip that pops up if you hover
       your mouse pointer over the applet for a second.


       Johan Walles <>


       The home page of Bubblemon is at "".