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       brandy - a portable BBC BASIC V interpreter


       brandy    [-help]    [-size SIZE]    [-lib FILENAME]   [-load FILENAME]
       [-path DIRECTORY[,DIRECTORY]...]   [-quit FILENAME]   [-chain FILENAME]
       [-ignore] [FILENAME]


       Brandy  is  an interpreter for BASIC V, the dialect of BASIC that Acorn
       Computers supplied with their ranges of desktop computers that use  the
       ARM  processor  such as the Archimedes and Risc PC, and is still in use
       on these and compatibles.

       BASIC V is an extended version of BBC BASIC. This was the BASIC used on
       the BBC Micro that Acorn made during the early 1980s.


       -help  Print a summary of these options.

       -size SIZE
              Set  the size of the Basic workspace to SIZE bytes when starting
              the interpreter. The minimum size allowed  is  10000  bytes  and
              anything below this value will be set to it. The maximum size is
              limited only by the environment in which the  program  is  being
              run.  The size may have a suffix of k to denote that the size is
              in kilobytes or m if it is in megabytes. For example, -size 100k
              will  set the workspace size to 100 kilobytes (102400 bytes) and
              -size 8m will set it to eight megabytes (8388608 bytes).

       -lib FILENAME
              Load Basic library FILENAME when the  interpreter  starts.  This
              option  can  be  repeated  as  many  times as required to load a
              number of  libraries.  This  is  equivalent  to  typing  INSTALLFILENAME”  at the interpreter’s command line. The libraries are
              loaded in the order given on the command  line.  Note  that  the
              search order is the reverse of this.

       -load FILENAME
              Load Basic program FILENAME when the interpreter starts.

       -path DIRECTORY[,DIRECTORY]...
              This  specifies  a list of directories that the interpreter will
              search when looking for libraries and  programs.  The  directory
              names  are separated by commas. The pseudo-variable FILEPATH$ is
              set to this value.

       -quit FILENAME
              Load and run the Basic program FILENAME.  Leave the  interpreter
              when the program has finished running.

       -chain FILENAME
              Load  and  run  the  Basic  program  FILENAME.   Remain  in  the
              interpreter when the program has finished running.

              Start the interpreter  with  the  screen  in  graphics  mode  in
              versions  of  the  program which support graphics and the screen
              can be in either text or graphics modes.

              Ignore certain ‘unsupported  feature’  errors.  By  default  the
              interpreter  reports an error whenever it comes across a BASIC V
              feature that it  does  not  support.  This  option  allows  some
              unsupported features that do not affect the basic running of the
              program to be ignored.

              This is exactly equivalent to -chain.

       The case of the names of the options is  ignored.  It  depends  on  the
       operating  system  under which the interpreter is running as to whether
       the names of files are case sensitive or insensitive.


       brandy                executable

                             example BASIC programs


       /usr/share/doc/brandy full documentation (use zless to view it)

       Brandy’s home page


       There is some very useful documentation for the BBC Micro available  on
       the Internet. One very good site is The BBC Lives!  at:



       David Daniels, with contributions from Darren Salt


       Report   bugs  to  <>  or  on  the  newsgroup


       Copyright (c) 2000, 2001 David Daniels.  This is free software; see the
       source  for  copying  conditions.  There  is  NO warranty; not even for