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       bootcd2disk - copy a system running from bootcd to a disk


       bootcd2disk [-i] [-s] [-c <config directory>] [-url <url>]


       With  bootcd2disk  a  CD build with bootcdwrite can be copied to one or
       more Disk Partitions from the running cd-based system. Therefore bootcd
       could be used to make rescue disks.

       It  is also possible to let bootcd2disk automatically find a disk, make
       partitions on it, copy the cd to the disk and make the  disk  bootable.
       bootcd2disk  will  be  available as soon as your system is running from


       -i  With this option the complete bootcd2disk runs in interactive  mode
           and  you  can run each function manually. This option is useful for

       -v  The option "-v" (verbose) adds messages on running.

       -s  This option can be used to disable interactive questions and to try
           to ignore errors.

       -c <config directory>
           The  configuration directory which normally is "/etc/bootcd" can be
           changed with this.

       -url <url>
           If bootcd2disk is slow on your system (because  of  a  slow  CD/DVD
           drive  or  the  HP  ILO virtual CD interface), you can use an image
           server to get the image from.  bootcd2disk use the  SWAP  partition
           of  your upcoming system as temporary space and copy the image from
           the configured image server to this partition and use it as  image.
           The image server url is configured with this option.

           example install from imagesserver:
               bootcd2disk -url

           Another  way the increase the performance is the use of the mounted
           CD/DVD itself for the copy. The option "-url" is the same, the  url
           starts with "file:///"

           example install from CD/DVD drive sdc0:
               bootcd2disk -url file:///dev/sdc0

           The swap partition of the upcoming system must have enough space to
           get the whole image!

       Currently no other options can be specified on command line. All  other
       configuration has to be done in the config files.



       Configuration for bootcd2disk.


       Documentation in bootcd2disk.conf
       bootcd2disk.conf(5), bootcd(1), bootcdflopcp(1), bootcdwrite(1)


       This     manual     page    was    written    by    Bernd    Schumacher
       <>        and         Carsten         Dinkelmann
       <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but
       may be used by others).