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       blaze - Simple to use CMS for the command line


       blaze [COMMAND]


       Blazeblogger  is  a cross-platform application and producing the static
       content without the need of database servers or server side  scripting,
       it is literally a CMS without boundaries suitable for a wide variety of
       web presentations, from personal weblog to a project  page  or  even  a
       company presentation.


       init   Create or recover a BlazeBlogger repository.

       config Display or set the BlazeBlogger repository options.

       add    Add new post or a page to the BlazeBlogger repository.

       edit   Edit a post or page in the BlazeBlogger repository.

       remove Remove a post or page from the BlazeBlogger repository.

       list   Browse the content of the BlazeBlogger repository.

       make   Generate static content from the BlazeBlogger repository.

       log    Display the BlazeBlogger repository log.


       Blazeblogger  was created by Jaromir Hradilek <> and
       this manual page was written by Angel Abad <>.


       Blazeblogger has been released under the GNU  General  Public  License,
       version 3 or later.


       blaze-init(1),  blaze-config(1),  blaze-add(1),  blaze-edit(1),  blaze-
       remove(1), blaze-list(1), blaze-make(1), blaze-log(1)

                               November 25, 2009