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     biff - be notified if mail arrives and who it is from


     biff [ny]


     Biff informs the system whether you want to be notified when mail arrives
     during the current terminal session.

     Options supported by biff:

     n     Disables notification.

     y     Enables notification.

     When mail notification is enabled, the header and first few lines of the
     message will be printed on your screen whenever mail arrives.  A “biff y”
     command is often included in the file .login or .profile to be executed
     at each login.

     Biff operates asynchronously via the comsat(8) service. If that service
     is not enabled, biff will not do anything. In that case, or for
     synchronous notification, use the MAIL variable of sh(1) or the mail
     variable of csh(1).


     csh(1), mail(1), sh(1), comsat(8)


     The biff command appeared in 4.0BSD.


     su(1), and biff don’t seem to get on too well. This is probably due to
     the tty still being owned by the person using su. This can result in
     “Permission denied” messages when attempting to change the biff status of
     your session.

     Please report bugs to including diffs/patches,
     compiler error logs or as complete a bug report as is possible.