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       bf - yet another Brainfuck interpreter


       bf [-h] [options] <filename>


       bf  (’Yet  another  Brainfuck interpreter’) is a simple interpreter for
       the esoteric Brainfuck language.


              Specify the number num of the last cell you are allowed  to  use
              in your Brainfuck program.

              So  if  you use -c0 (or just -c), you’ll have one cell (one byte
              in memory) to use on your tape.  Brainfuck interpreter by  Urban
              Mueller used an array of 30000 bytes (-c29999).
              Our default value is 9999. Usually you need less.

       -i     Output Brainfuck code input to stderr.

              This  feature is useful if you can’t find out why some Brainfuck
              code doesn’t work the way it should e.g.  ignored  loops,  or  a
              Brainfuck character within a comment.

              Note:  Up  to  32  +, -, < and > are summarized and displayed as
              only one. This feature was introduced in version 20040423.

       -n     Some Brainfuck contests specify a 0 byte as End Of Input. So  -n
              translates  a  \n  byte input into a 0 byte input. Disadvantage:
              the input can only consist of one line.

       -w     Disallow byte wrap-around. This causes  errors  if  you  try  to
              decrement (’-’) a 0x00 byte or to increment (’+’) a 0xFF byte.

              This  feature  is  useful  if you want to take part in Brainfuck
              contests where such wrapping-around is disallowed.
              By default (without -w), incrementing 0xFF results in  0x00  and
              decrementing 0x00 results in 0xFF.

              Specify input mode. <mode> can be:

              0 (zero) Normal input using getchar(3).
              1 Single-char input. You won’t see what you type.
              2 Single-char input. You will see what you type.
              3 The same as 1, but doesn’t allow escape characters if compiled
              with slang.
              4 The same  as  2,  but  doesn’t  allow  escape  characters,  if
              compiled with slang. (recommended)

              Default is 0. (In some versions the default was 4.)


       It’s not allowed to ’<’ below the first cell.

       It’s not allowed to ’>’ beyond the last cell.


       Stephan Beyer <>