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       bcrypt - blowfish file encryption


       bcrypt [-orc][-sN] file ...


       bcrypt encrypts and decrypts files using the blowfish algorithm.

       Encrypted  files  will  be  saved with an extension of .bfe.  Any files
       ending in .bfe will be assumed to be encrypted  with  bcrypt  and  will
       attempt  to  decrypt them. Any other input files will be encrypted.  If
       more than one type of file is given,  bcrypt  will  process  all  files
       which are the same as the first filetype given.

       By  default, bcrypt will compress input files before encryption, remove
       input files after they  are  processed  (assuming  they  are  processed
       successfully)  and  overwrite  input  files with random data to prevent
       data recovery.

       Passphrases may be between 8  and  56  characters.  Regardless  of  the
       passphrase size, the key is hashed internally to 448 bits - the largest
       keysize supported by the blowfish algorithm. However, it is still  wise
       to use a strong passphrase.


       -o     print output to standard out. Implies -r.

       -c     DO NOT compress files before encryption.

       -r     DO NOT remove input files after processing

       -sN    How  many times to overwrite input files with random data before
              deleting.  The default number of overwrites is  3.  Use  -s0  to
              disable this feature. No effect if -r is supplied.


       The  -o  ,-r  ,and  -c  options  each  have the opposite effects if the
       appropriate settings are altered from  the  defaults  in  config.h.  To
       determine  what  effect  each  of these have on your system, run bcrypt
       without any options.

       Encrypted files should be  compatible  between  most  systems.   Binary
       compatibility has been tested on all supported systems. There is a list
       of supported systems in the README file that  was  included  with  this


       Probably.  If you find that it will not compile and run on your system,
       or that encrypted files are not compatible with  other  platforms,  its
       probably  because  I  don’t  have  access  to the platform in question.
       Patches or access to an unsupported machine are welcome.


       johnny shelley
              <>, <>


       bcrypt includes Paul Kocher’s implementation of the blowfish algorithm.
       The  version distributed with bcrypt has been altered. Original sources
       are available from