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NAME - Xymon network re-test tool


DESCRIPTION  is  an  extension  script  for  Xymon that runs on the
       network test server.  It picks up the failing network tests executed by
       the  bbtest-net(1)  program, and repeats these tests with a faster test
       cycle than the normal bbtest-net schedule. This  means  that  when  the
       server  recovers  and the network service becomes available again, this
       is detected quicker resulting in less reported downtime.

       Only tests whose first failure occurred within 30 minutes are  included
       in  the  tests that are run by  The 30 minute limit is
       there to avoid hosts that are down for longer periods of  time  to  bog
       down    You   can   change   this   limit  with  the
       "--frequenttestlimit=SECONDS" when you run bbtest-net.


       This script runs by default from your hobbitlaunch.cfg(5) file.


              Temporary status file managed by bbtest-net with status of tests
              that have currently failed.

              Temporary  file  managed  by  bbtest-net with the hostnames that
     should test.


       bbtest-net(1), xymon(7), hobbitlaunch.cfg(5)