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       bb-snapshot.cgi  -  CGI  program  to  rebuild  the Xymon webpages for a
       specific point in time.




       bb-snapshot.cgi is invoked as a CGI script via the  CGI
       wrapper.   It  rebuilds  the  Xymon web pages to the look they had at a
       particular point in time, based upon the historical information  logged
       about events.

       bb-snapshot.cgi  is passed a QUERY_STRING environment variable with the
       following parameters:

          mon (Start month of the snapshot)
          day (Start day-of-month of the snapshot)
          yr  (Start year of the snapshot)
          hour (Start hour of the snapshot)
          min  (Start minute of the snapshot)
          sec  (Start second of the snapshot)

       The "month" parameters must be specified as  the  three-letter  english
       month name abbreviation: Jan, Feb, Mar ...

       "day"  must  be  in  the  range 1..31; "yr" must be specified including
       century (e.g. "2003"). "hour" must be specified using a 24-hour  clock.

       All  of  the  processing  involved  in generating the report is done by
       invoking bbgen(1) with the proper "--snapshot" option.


              Load environment from FILENAME before executing the CGI.

              All options except "--env" are passed on to the bbgen(1) program
              building the snapshot files.


              bbgen  options  passed by default to the bb-snapshot.cgi script.
              This happens in the CGI wrapper script.

       BBHOME Home directory of the Xymon server files

       BBSNAP Directory where generated snapshots are stored.  This  directory
              must  be  writable  by  the  userid  executing  the  CGI script,
              typically    "www",    "apache"    or     "nobody".     Default:

              The  URL prefix to use when accessing the reports via a browser.
              Default: $BBWEB/snap


       bbgen(1), bb-hosts(5), hobbitserver.cfg(5)