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       barrybackup  -  Barry  Project’s  backup  program  for  the  BlackBerry


       barrybackup [-?][-d]


       barrybackup  is  a  GUI  application  for  backing  up  and   restoring
       Blackberry handheld databases.

       The  application  allows for filtering of databases for both backup and
       restore, so not all databases need to be backed up  at  once,  nor  all

       Backups  and  configuration  files  are stored by default in the user’s
       home directory, under ~/.barry/backup/PIN.   This  destination  can  be
       changed in the config dialogs, per device.

       The  backup  files  are  compressed tarballs containing specially named
       files for each record of the databases.


       -d     --debug-output Enables low level protocol debug  output  written
              to stdout/stderr.

              Specify which X display to use.

       -?     --help Show summary of options.

       -h, --help
              Show summary of options.


       Backups  are  stored in tar format, compressed with gzip.  Backup files
       are named with the following pattern:


       The tag name is optional and is used to name a particular backup.

       Each record is appended to the tar file using the following pattern for
       the filename:

            DBname/RecordID RecordTypeID

       That  is,  the  database  name  is  used as the directory name, and the
       filename contains the record ID and  record  type  ID  separated  by  a

       Database names can contain spaces.

       Record IDs are generally unique, but not all Blackberry devices mandate
       this, so it is possible, but rare, to have two records in the tar  file
       with  the same filename.  This is ok.  The only problem you’d see is if
       you expanded such a tar file to a filesystem.  The restore process just
       reads  in  the  filename sequentially and writes them to the device, so
       duplicate record IDs are not a problem.


       barrybackup is part of the Barry project.  This manual page was written
       by Chris Frey.


                                 July 28, 2009