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       BALLView - A free molecular modeling and molecular graphics tool


       BALLView [Molecular-file]


       BALLView BALLView provides fast OpenGL-based visualization of molecular
       structures, molecular mechanics methods  (minimization,  MD  simulation
       using the AMBER and CHARMM force fields), calculation and visualization
       of electrostatic properties (FDPB).

       BALLView is based on BALL (Biochemical Algorithms Library) ,  which  is
       currently   being   developed   in  the  groups  of  Oliver  Kohlbacher
       (University  of  Tuebingen,  Germany),  Andreas  Hildebrandt  (Saarland
       University,  Saarbruecken,  Germany),  and  Hans-Peter Lenhof (Saarland
       University, Saarbruecken, Germany). BALL is an application framework in
       C++  that has been specifically designed for rapid software development
       in Molecular Modeling and Computational Molecular Biology.  It provides
       an  extensive  set  of data structures as well as classes for Molecular
       Mechanics, advanced  solvation  methods,  comparison  and  analysis  of
       protein structures, file import/export, and visualization.

       BALLView is available under the LGPL licence.



       To run BALLView, simply type:



              BALLView file.pdp

       where  file.pdb is your PDB file. BALLView also supports HIN, MOL, MOL2
       and SD files.

       BALLView  provides  HTML  documentation,  that  is  available  in   the
       application itself (see Help menu).

       This  package  also includes Python example scripts, that can be run in
       BALLView.  They can be found under /usr/share/BALL/PYTHON.


       BALLView is copyright 1998-2009 by the BALL project group


                                24 January 2009                    BALLView(1)