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       ax25spy - replacement for listen(8) and demo client for the ax25spyd(8)


       ax25spy [-options]


       ax25spy (someday it will be written) ...


       -b             black and white (non-colour-mode)  (-d  -M  and  -m  are
                      always b/w)

       -c             shows all call-sepcific mheard-data.  You can use -v and
                      -F here

       -d             starts dx-cluster-spy-mode

       -f             writes   all   received   ax.25   data   to   the   file
                      /var/lib/ax25/ax25spy.   The file contains the raw ax.25
                      data, as received  from  the  kernel.   Each  packet  is
                      preceeded  with an (int size).  If the file could not be
                      opend/created ax25spy will be aborted.

       -F filterexpression
                      shows only those ax.25  packets,  which  header  contain
                      filterexpression  as  substring  (doesn’t work yet).  In
                      connection with -m or -q  it  shows  only  the  data  of
                      calls,     which     contain    filterexpression    (The
                      Filterexpression is casesensitive!)

       -I             shows only ax.25 packets with infofield (I and UI)

       -m             shows the global mheard-data

       -n             ???

       -N             shows all new QSO detected

       -p             shows only frames, which contain IP

       -q             shows all qso-sepcific mheard-data.  You can use -v  and
                      -F here.

       -Q             be quiet

       -s             starts  spy,  requires -F for selection.  You can give a
                      call, part of a call (in uppercase) or a qsoid with  -F.
                      you  can  see all QSOid using -qv Example:    ax25spy -s
                      -F DG9EP
                            or    ax25spy -s -F 23

       -S <qsoid>     starts spy on qso with id <qsoid>

       -t             shows the timestamp of the packet

       -T             shows only the header of ax.25 packets and the header of
                      embedded protocols but without any data

       -v             be more verbose

       -V             shows the version of the program


           ax25spy -c
           ax25spy -m
           ax25spy -q
           ax25spy -qv
           ax25spy -q -v -F DB0IZ
           ax25spy -s -F DG9EP


       You may want to use the watch command with ax25spy -m or ax25spy -q


       Walter Koch, dg9ep <> (based on the listen(1)-code)