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       awesome - awesome window manager


       awesome [-v | --version] [-h | --help] [-c | --config FILE] [-k |


       awesome is a window manager for X. It manages windows in different
       layouts, like floating or tiled. Any layout can be applied dynamically,
       optimizing the environment for the application in use and the task
       currently being performed.

       In a tiled layout, windows are managed in a master and stacking area.
       The master area contains the windows which currently need the most
       attention, whereas the stacking area contains all other windows. In a
       floating layout windows can be resized and moved freely. Dialog windows
       are always managed as floating, regardless of the layout currently
       applied. The spiral and dwindle layouts are special cases of the tiled
       layout where the stacking area is arranged in a spiral for the former
       or as a rectangular fractal for the later.

       Windows are grouped by tags in awesome. Each window can be tagged with
       one or more tags. Selecting certain tags displays all windows with
       these tags.

       awesome can contain small wiboxes which can display anything you want:
       all available tags, the current layout, the title of the visible
       windows, text, etc.


       -v, --version
           Print version information to standard output, then exit.

       -h, --help
           Print help information, then exit.

       -c, --config FILE
           Use an alternate configuration file instead of

       -k, --check
           Check configuration file syntax.


       Button1 on tag name
           View tag.

       Button4, Button5 on tag name
           Switch to previous or next tag.

       Button4, Button5 on root window
           Switch to previous or next tag.

       Button1, Button3, Button4, Button5 on layout symbol
           Switch to previous or next layout.

   Layout modification
       Mod4 + Button1 on tag name
           Tag current client with this tag only.

       Mod4 + Button3 on tag name
           Toggle this tag for client.

       Button3 on tag name
           Add this tag to current view.

       Mod4 + Button1 on client window
           Move window.

       Mod4 + Button3 on client window
           Resize window.


   Window manager control
       Mod4 + Control + r
           Restart awesome.

       Mod4 + Shift + q
           Quit awesome.

       Mod4 + r
           Run prompt.

       Mod4 + x
           Run Lua code prompt.

       Mod4 + Return
           Spawn terminal emulator.

       Mod4 + w
           Open main menu.

       Mod4 + Shift + r
           Redraw the focused window.

       Mod4 + m
           Maximize client.

       Mod4 + n
           Minimize client.

       Mod4 + f
           Set client fullscreen.

       Mod4 + Shift + c
           Kill focused client.

       Mod4 + t
           Set client on-top.

       Mod4 + j
           Focus next client.

       Mod4 + k
           Focus previous client.

       Mod4 + u
           Focus first urgent client.

       Mod4 + Left
           View previous tag.

       Mod4 + Right
           View next tag.

       Mod4 + 1-9
           Switch to tag 1-9.

       Mod4 + Control + j
           Focus next screen.

       Mod4 + Control + k
           Focus previous screen.

       Mod4 + Escape
           Focus previously selected tag set.

   Layout modification
       Mod4 + Shift + j
           Switch client with next client.

       Mod4 + Shift + k
           Switch client with previous client.

       Mod4 + o
           Send client to next screen.

       Mod4 + h
           Decrease master width factor by 5%.

       Mod4 + l
           Increase master width factor by 5%.

       Mod4 + Shift + h
           Increase number of master windows by 1.

       Mod4 + Shift + l
           Decrease number of master windows by 1.

       Mod4 + Control + h
           Increase number of columns for non-master windows by 1.

       Mod4 + Control + l
           Decrease number of columns for non-master windows by 1.

       Mod4 + space
           Switch to next layout.

       Mod4 + Shift + space
           Switch to previous layout.

       Mod4 + Control + space
           Toggle client floating status.

       Mod4 + Control + Return
           Swap focused client with master.

       Mod4 + Control + 1-9
           Toggle tag view.

       Mod4 + Shift + 1-9
           Tag client with tag.

       Mod4 + Shift + Control + 1-9
           Toggle tag on client.

       Mod4 + Shift + F1-9
           Tag marked clients with tag.


       awesome is customized by creating a custom
       $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/awesome/rc.lua file.


       awesome can be restarted by sending it a SIGHUP.


       awesomerc(5) awesome-client(1)


       Of course there’s no bug in awesome. But there may be unexpected


       Julien Danjou <[1]> and others.