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       Avidemux -- a free video editor


       avidemux [options]

       avidemux_gtk [options]

       avidemux_cli [options] [files ...]


       Avidemux  is a free video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering
       and encoding tasks. It supports many file  types,  including  AVI,  MPG
       (VCD,  SVCD),  DVD  compatible  MPEG,  MP4  and ASF, using a variety of
       codecs. Tasks can be automated using projects, job queue  and  powerful
       scripting capabilities.



              run in silent mode

              list all filters by name

       --run script
              load and run a script

       --audio-normalize mode
              activate normalization with mode

       --audio-resample num
              resample to num Hz

       --filters filter
              load a filter preset

       --codec-conf config
              load a codec configuration

              set to VCD resolution

              set to SVCD resolution

              set to DVD resolution

              set to 1/2 DVD resolution

       --save-jpg filename
              save to a jpeg file

       --begin frame
              set start frame

       --end frame
              set end frame

       --save-unpacked-vop filename
              save as avi file, unpacking vop

       --save-packed-vop filename
              save as avi file, packing vop

       --save-ogm filename
              save as ogm file

       --save-raw-audio filename
              save audio as-is

       --save-raw-video filename
              save as raw video stream (mpeg/... )

       --save-uncompressed-audio filename
              save as uncompressed audio

       --load filename
              load video or workbench

       --load-workbench filename
              load workbench file

       --append filename
              append a video

       --save filename
              save as avi file

       --save-workbench filename
              save as workbench file

              Force detection of bframe in next loaded file

              Force use of alternate read mode for h264

              Force detection of packed vop in next loaded file

              Engage smart copy mode with CQ=3 at next save

       --external-mp3 filename
              load external mpeg audio as audio track

       --external-ac3 filename
              load external ac3 audio as audio track

       --external-wav filename
              load external wav audio as audio track

              load external wav audio as audio track

       --audio-delay +msec|-msec
              set audio time shift in ms (+ or -)

              build audio map (MP3 VBR)

       --audio-bitrate bitrate
              set audio encoding bitrate

       --fps fps
              set frames per second

       --audio-codec codec
              set audio codec (MP2/MP3/AC3/NONE (WAV PCM)/TWOLAME/COPY)

       --video-codec codec
              set video codec (Divx/Xvid/FFmpeg4/VCD/SVCD/DVD/XVCD/XSVCD/COPY)

       --video-conf config
              set               video                codec                conf

              reuse 2pass logfile if it exists

       --set-pp value strength
              set      post      processing      default      value,     value
              (1=hdeblok|2=vdeblock|4=dering) and strength (0-5)

       --vobsub vobfile vosubfile ifofile
              Create vobsub file (vobfile vosubfile ifofile)

       --autosplit num
              split every num MBytes

       --info show information about loaded video and audio streams

              try to generate required index files

       --output-format format
              set output  format  (AVI|OGM|ES|PS|AVI_DUAL|AVI_UNP|...),  often
              named as container format

              rebuild index with correct frame type

       --var name=value
              set a variable i.e. '--var myvar=3'

       --help print a quick help

       --quit exit the program quickly

       --probePat probe
              Probe for PAT//PMT..


       Custom  encoding  settings can be created with the scripting engine. Do
       the following steps:

       1. Start avidemux and open any video file.

       2. Configure you own encoding settings.

       3.  Save  the  settings  as  project  (File -> Save project as...) with
       suffix ".js".

       4. Quit avidemux.

       5. Open the project file in a simple editor and delete useless lines.
            *  You  need  the  first  line  "//AD"  and  the  line  "app = new
            * and the encoding settings beginning with "".

       6.  Save  this  script  file  with  suffix  ".js" in the user directory

       7.  This custom script is now available in avidemux under the menu item


       For      more      information      see      Avidemux      Wiki      at         and          Forum          at

       Avidemux  sources  and  executables  are available from the project web
       site at


       Avidemux was written by Mean <>. Permission is  granted
       to  copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the
       GNU General Public License, Version 2 any later  version  published  by
       the Free Software Foundation.

       This    manual    page    was    original   written   by   Joo   Martin
       <>, for the Debian system (but may be used by others).