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       autopano-complete.old  -  Generate  panorama  project  file from images

SYNOPSIS output.pto image1 image2 [image3 [..]]


       autopano-complete.old (Note: this  script  is  obsolete  and  might  be
       removed in later versions. Use the autopano-complete script instead.)

       Generate  panorama  project from image files. First, generate temporary
       keypoint files for each of the image files given on the  command  line.
       Then match the image files to identify the same features in two or more
       images. Generate a PTO panorama project file from the matching results.
       (Programs such as hugin can read it.)


              The filename of the PTO project file to generate.

       image  The  image  files  to read in. They can be in any common format,
              including JPEG, PNG and TIFF.


       No bugs known, if you find any, please send a bug report to me. I  will
       try to fix it.


       Sebastian Nowozin <nowozin at cs dot tu dash berlin dot de>


       autopano-sift(7),  autopano-complete(7), generatekeys(1), autopanog(1),
       showone(1), showtwo(1)