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       autopano-complete - Generate panorama project file from images.

SYNOPSIS  [options]  -o  output.pto  image1  image2 [image3


       Generate panorama project from image files. First,  generate  temporary
       keypoint  files  for each of the image files given on the command line.
       Then match the image files to identify the same features in two or more
       images. Generate a PTO panorama project file from the matching results.
       (Programs such as hugin can read it.)


       image  The image files to read in. They can be in  any  common  format,
              including JPEG, PNG and TIFF.

       -o|--output <file>
              Set PTO panorama output file (mandatory).

       -s|--size <pixelsize>
              Set  downscale resolution. If any of the image dimensions exceed
              this side, the image is resized so the longer side of the images
              will  be  this size. This is a preprocessing step and no file on
              disc will be changed. Use this when memory is rare.

       -p|--points <count>
              The maximum number of control points to generate per image pair.
              When  more  than  the  given number of pairs are found, only the
              best are kept.

              Do not use the RANSAC algorithm (RANdom Sample Consensus), which
              does  use geometric correllation to remove unwanted matches. Use
              this when uncommon lens geometries are  used,  such  as  fisheye

              In  any case, wipe the table - the previously generated keypoint
              files - and then generate the keypoint files from the images and
              match.  If  no clean is used, then previous image keypoint files
              are also used for matching.

              Output a concise usage help.


       No bugs known, if you find any, please send a bug report to me. I  will
       try  to  fix  it.  An  old, obselete version of this script exists with
       similar functionality, see autopano-complete.old


       Pablo d’Angelo <pablo dot dangelo at web  dot  de>,  Sebastian  Nowozin
       <nowozin at cs dot tu dash berlin dot de>


       autopano-sift(7), generatekeys(1), autopanog(1), showone(1), showtwo(1)