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       authtest - Test the Courier Authentication Library


       authtest {loginid} [password] [newpassword]


       authtest is a command-line diagnostic utility for the Courier
       Authentication Library.  authtest requires at least one argument:
       loginid.  authtest sends the authentication request to the Courier
       Authentication Library, then displays the results. Only root may use
       authtest utility, and the Courier Authentication Library daemon
       (authdaemond) must already be started.

       If only one argument is provided, the authentication request displays
       the account information for loginid, if found.

       If two arguments are provided, password must match loginid´s existing

       If three arguments are provided, loginid´s password is changed to
       newpassword, but only if password matches the existing psasword.

       These three basic authentication requests can be used to troubleshoot
       the authentication library´s configuration.