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       audtty  -  Control  Audacious  from  the  command  line with a friendly
       ncurses interface


       audtty [<-|+>ahlntV] [ options ]


       audtty is a simple  application  for  controlling  Audacious  from  the
       command  line.   It  is  designed to make common, simple tasks fast and
       easy to do. It is operated using  arrow  keys  and  standard  Audacious
       keys, to make it easy and intuitive to learn.


       To negate a short option, use ’+’ instead of ’-’ (e.g.  +a).
       Long-options are negated with no-, (e.g.  --no-read-all).

       The keys for basic control are as follows:
              |     <<  >  || o  >>   |
                     z  x  c  v  b

       -a, --read-all
              Read all titles and lengths on startup (EXTREMELY SLOW) (default

       -h, --help
              Print help message.

       -l, --length
              Show length of track in playlist (SLOW) (default on).

       -n, --numbers
              Show numbers in playlist (default on).

       -t, --title
              Read the title from ID3/ogg-tags (SLOW) (default on).

       -V, --version
              Display version information.

       Tip: Things going slow? Try audtty -ntl


       Arrow right/left
              Skip forward/backward 5 seconds.

       Arrow up/down
              Move up/down in the playlist or search results.

       Page up/down
              Scroll up/down one page in the playlist or search results.

       Enter  Select and play file.

       Esc    Exit from application, or, if in other dialog, go to main  view.

       0 or + Increase volume.

       9 or - Decrease volume.

       a      Open a file browser window.

       b      Jump to next song.

       c      Pause.

       d      Remove currently selected item from playlist.

       j      Search for file to jump to.

       L      Add URI to playlist.

       q      Exit from application.

       R      Reload playlist.

       u      Save playlist.

       v      Stop

       x      Play

       z      Jump to previuos song


       Enter  Will either add the current selection if it is a file, or change
              directories if it is a directory.

       a or A Will add selected file or directory to the playlist.

       q or Esc
              Exit back to the main playlist window.


              Global configuration file.

              Local configuration file, specific for each user. Can be used to
              override the global options.

       The  syntax  of  the  configuration  files are long options without the
       ’--’, one on each line.

              length no-read-all


       The xmms remote controlling library provides no good way  of  detecting
       changes  in the playlist, and therefore audtty might need to be told to
       reload the playlist if songs are moved. Do so by pressing  L.   If  the
       length  of  the  playlist  changes, audtty will assume the playlist has
       changed and reload the entire playlist to make sure it is correct.

       Probably lots more.


       See /usr/share/doc/audtty/copyright for the list of authors.


       The  audtty  website   can   be   found   at   <http://audacious-media->

       This   man   page   was   originally   written  by  Knut  Auvor  Grythe
       <>.  Updated by Chris Taylor <>.