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       audiopreview  -  play  previews of your audio and video files, and also
       internet media streams.


       audiopreview [OPTIONS] FILES/URIS...


       AudioPreview is a command-line tool that  can  play  previews  of  your
       audio files as well as video files, and even internet media streams. It
       will play your whole media library without any problem and can also  be
       used as a regular media player.

       AudioPreview  is developed in C and needs Glib and Gstreamer libraries.

       Note about notation: To be generic, each file or URI will be  called  a


       Note  that  you  may need different plugins to read specific files. For
       example,    to    play    mp3    files,    you    need    to    install

         We *suggest* you to install these plugins:


              Set  when  to show colors, TYPE can be ’no’ for no color, ’auto’
              for colors only  when  there  is  a  non-dumb  TTY  attached  to
              Standard  Output,  ’yes’  for  colors  all  the time even if the
              Standard Output is not attached to a TTY. Default: auto.

       --debug | -D
              Show debug information in output (should ONLY be  used  for  bug
              reporting, for developers or for testing purposes).

       --duration=SECONDS | -d SECONDS
              Change the preview duration for every stream to SECONDS seconds.
              If DURATION is negative ( < 0 ) it will play each stream till it
              reaches   the   END   OF   FILE   (Infinite  streams  will  play
              indefinitely! ex: live streams or internet radio station,  ...).
              The default is 10.

       --entirely | -e
              Play  each  given  stream  entirely starting from the beginning.
              *Infinite streams will play indefinitely!*  This option  totally
              overrides any given -p or -d options.

              Change  seeking mode to be faster (but less accurate). This will
              seek to the nearest keyframe instead of  the  exact  time  (This
              might pose problems if --position is 2).

       --file=FILE | -f FILE
              Add every line of FILE to the playlist. FILE should contain new-
              line-separated URIs or paths. This is  done  after  command-line
              arguments (if any) are parsed and added to the playlist.

       --help | -?
              Print the usage help.

       --loop | -l
              Activate Loop mode so that when the last stream has been played,
              we start playing again from the first stream of the list.

       --max-duration=SECONDS | -m SECONDS
              Sets the maximum preview duration to SECONDS (integer). This can
              be used with the --entirely option and you have streams that can
              be infinite (like radio stations).  (To use with --entirely)

              Deactivate/disable the audio output.

              Deactivate/disable the video output. You should use this  option
              if  you  don’t  have  any DISPLAY running otherwise audiopreview
              might raise an error if you try to preview video streams.

       --position=POSITION | -p POSITION
              Define the starting position from where to start previewing  the
              stream. POSITION can have these values: 0 (Start), 1 (Middle), 2
              (End), 3 (Anywhere).  Note that this option is  ignored  if  the
              stream  is  not  seekable  (e.g.  internet  radio  streams, live
              streams, ...).  Default is 3 (Anywhere).

       --quiet | -q
              Quiet or silent output  (almost  no  output  execept  error  and
              warning messages).

       --shuffle | -S
              Shuffle the playlist before playing the first stream.

       --verbose | -v
              Verbose output.

              Display the version number.

       --volume=PERCENTAGE | -V PERCENTAGE
              Change  the  output  volume.  PERCENTAGE is an integer from 0 to
              200. Default is 100 (e.g. audiopreview --volume=100).


       When audiopreview is running you can do  some  specific  actions  using
       keyboard keys:

              Pause (or resume) playing.

       N      Play next stream.

       P      Play previous stream.

       Q      Stop playing and exit.

       R      Restart current stream (it respects the --position argument, for
              example: if --position is random, which is  the  default  value,
              then  a  new  random  position will be calculated and the stream
              will be played from this new position).  Ignored  if  stream  is
              continuous (like radio stations).


       Here are a few examples of common usage:

       -  Preview  5  seconds  of  every  Ogg  file  (shuffled) in the current

       audiopreview -S -d 5 *.ogg

       - Preview 1 minute of a few internet streams:

       audiopreview  -d  60  http://radio1:port/   http://streamZ/playlist.asp

       -  Play  continuously  and  quietly  (volume:  40%)  an  internet radio

       audiopreview -V 40 -e http://coolradio:9999/

       - Preview 20 seconds in the middle of each mp3 file of a directory:

       audiopreview -d 20 -p 1 /dir/to/my/music/*.mp3

       - Preview 5 seconds from  the  start  of  each  AVI  video  file  in  a
       directory, with audio output disabled:

       audiopreview --no-audio -d 5 -p 0 /dir/to/my/videos/*.avi

       -   Play   entirely   each   mp3   file   found  in  ~/Music/  (and  in

       audiopreview -e -f <(find ~/Music/ -name*.mp3)

       - Play (entirely) and loop through all of the ogg files in the  current

       audiopreview -e -l *.ogg


       If you find any bug using AudioPreview, please report it to:

       or send an email with detailed description to:


       Arnaud Soyez (Weboide) <>

                               February 13, 2009