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       audiolink - Create AudioLink config file, databases and tables

       --- when everything is integrated


       audiolink [OPTION]...


       AudioLink is a set of programs which help you manage your music
       collection. It makes searching for music on your local storage media
       easier and faster. Your searches can include a variety of criteria,
       like male artists, female artists, band, genre, etc.

       It supports music files of MP3 and Ogg Vorbis formats.

       audiolink assists you in creating a configuration file for oft-used
       options passed to the AudioLink programs and creating the MySQL
       database and tables which the AudioLink programs, alfilldb(1) and
       alsearch(1) use.

       The options specified on the command prompt override the options
       specified in the config file.


           Brief usage information

           Connects to the MySQL server on the target host. Default is

           Password for the database

           Username for the database

           Display extra information about what’s going on


       The user and password fields for the database have to be specified.
       There are three ways of doing this:

       1. Command-line arguments
           By specifying them via the --user and --pass command-line arguments
           to the programs:

           "alfilldb --user=mysql_username --pass=mysql_password
           --prompt=basic /songs/"

           "alsearch --user=mysql_username --pass=mysql_password
           --artist=kishore --td=/songs/kishore"

       2. Environment variables
           Setting the DBI_USER and DBI_PASS environment variables:

           If you are using bash, ksh, zsh or sh do this:

           "export DBI_USER=mysql_username"

           "export DBI_PASS=mysql_password"

           If you are using csh or tcsh, do this:

           "setenv DBI_USER mysql_username"

           "setenv DBI_USER mysql_password"

           Consult the man page of the respective shell interpreter that you
           use for help on environment variables.

       3. Config file
           Specifying them in the config file (the most convenient). The
           config file is stored in each user’s home directory in the
           ~/.audiolink/config location.


       The AudioLink configuration file config resides in the .audiolink/
       directory in the user’s home directory ($HOME/.audiolink/config).

       The format of the current config file is pretty easy to understand:
       Just put in "a = b" on separate lines for all the options you want the
       AudioLink scripts to use by default. Here, a is the option name, like
       user, password, host, etc., and b is the value you wish to associate
       the option with. For example, to set the username for accessing the
       database to ’root’, you would put this in the config file:

       "user = root"


       L<alfilldb(1)>, L<alsearch(1)> The current version of this man page is
       available on the AudioLink website at


       Report bugs related to the AudioLink software or the man pages to the
       audiolink-devel mailing list <>.


       This manual page is written and maintained by Amit Shah


       The AudioLink package is Copyright (C) 2003, Amit Shah
       <>. All the programs and the documentation that come as
       part of AudioLink are licensed by the GNU General Public License v2


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