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       attr_get_file_dir - fetch RSBAC attribute values for filesystem objects


       attr_get_file_dir [-epcRa] [-n target] {module} {target-type}
                         {file/dirname(s)} {attribute} [request]

       attr_get_file_dir [-epcRa] [-n target] {module} {target-type}
                         {file/dirname(s)} {attribute} [position]

       attr_get_file_dir {list_category_nr}


       You need attr_get_file_dir to get RSBAC attribute values of  filesystem
       objects.  There  are  different attributes for different RSBAC modules.
       Check appropriate documentation about possible  attributes  for  module
       you want to administrate or use -a option to see the full list.


       -e     show  effective  (maybe  inherited)  value  instead  of the real
              value.  See  appropriate  documentation  about  the   difference
              between effective and real values.

       -p     print names of used requests

       -n target
              list all requests for target

       -c     list all Linux capabilities

       -R     list all RES resource names

       -a     list all attributes and values

       -A     list attributes and values

       module One  of the possible RSBAC modules, e.g., GEN, MAC, FC, SIM, PM,
              MS, FF, RC, AUTH or RES.

              One of the possible RSBAC target types, e.g., FILE,  DIR,  FIFO,
              SYMLINK or DEV.


       Amon Ott <>.