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       asistant - interactive command-line ASIS tool


       asistant program


       ASIS  is the Ada Semantic Interface Specification; it is an application
       programming interface that allows Ada programs to inspect the structure
       of  other  Ada  programs.   GNAT,  the  GNU Ada compiler, can parse Ada
       source text and produce tree files suitable for use through ASIS.

       asistant is an interactive command-line tool  with  a  simple  language
       that  allows  you  to inspect the semantic information about a compiled
       program.  Thus you can learn ASIS and try  ASIS  queries  interactively
       before writing them in your programs.


       ASIS-for-GNAT  was  originally  developed  by the ASIS-for-GNAT team at
       the  Software   Engineering   Laboratory   of    the   Swiss    Federal
       Institute   of  Technology  (LGL-EPFL)  in  Lausanne,   Switzerland, in
       cooperation with the Scientific  Research  Computer  Center of   Moscow
       State  University  (SRCC MSU), Russia,  with funding partially provided
       by grants from the Swiss National  Science  Foundation  and  the  Swiss
       Academy   of   Engineering  Sciences.      ASIS-for-GNAT     is     now
       maintained    by    AdaCore (

       This manual  page  was  written  by  Ludovic  Brenta  <ludovic@ludovic-> for the Debian project,


       Copyright (c) 1995-2006, Free Software Foundation, Inc.


       gnat(1),    gnatcheck(1),    gnatelim(1),   gnatmetric(1),   gnatpp(1),

       A   short   introduction   to   asistant   in   /usr/share/doc/libasis-

       info asis_ug ASIS-for-GNAT User’s Guide, provided by by package
              libasis-doc  in  the  Info  system,  and  in  text, PDF and HTML
              formats in /usr/share/doc/libasis-doc.  (asis-doc is in the non-
              free section of Debian).

       info asis_rm ASIS-for-GNAT Reference Manual, same package.