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       arista-transcode -  multimedia transcoding tool for the GNOME Desktop


       arista-transcode [options] infile outfile...


       This manual page documents briefly the arista-transcode command.

       arista  is  a  multimedia transcoder for the GNOME Desktop which allows
       user to encode audio and video streams for a wide variety of devices.

       arista-transcode is a command line program which allows user to  encode
       audio and video stream for various devices.

       Features  include  automatic  discovery  of  DVD media and V4L devices,
       ripping from DVD or files, a live quality preview, and included presets
       for the most popular devices currently in use.


       This  program  follows  the  usual  GNU  command line syntax, with long
       options starting with two dashes (‘-’).

       -h, --help
              Show summary of options.

       -v, --version
              Show version of program.

       -i, --info
              Show information about available devices.

       -S SUBTITLE, --subtitle=SUBTITLE
              Subtitle file to render.

       -f FONT, --font=FONT
              Font to use when rendering subtitles.

       -p PRESET, --preset=PRESET
              Preset to encode to [default].

       -d DEVICE, --device=DEVICE
              Device to encode to [computer].

       -s, --source-info
              Show information about input file and exit.

       -q, --quiet
              Don’t show status and time remaining.

       -v, --verbose
              Show verbose (debug) output.

       -u, --update
              Check for and  download  updated  device  presets  if  they  are




       arista-transcode  was  written  by  Daniel  G.  Taylor <dan@programmer->.

       This    manual    page    was    written     by     Alessio     Treglia
       <>,  for  the  Ubuntu  project (and may be used by

                                 July 16, 2009