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       arcmigrate - ARC Migration


       The  arcmigrate  command  is  used  for  migrating queued jobs from one
       cluster to another cluster.  Currently  migration  only  works  between
       clusters running A-REX.


       arcmigrate [options] [jobid ...]


       -c, --cluster=[-]name
              explicitly  select  or  reject a specific cluster holding queued

       -q, --qluster=[-]name
              explicitly select or reject a specific cluster which queued jobs
              should/shouldn’t be migrated to

       -i, --index=[-]name
              explicitly select or reject an index server

       -j, --joblist=filename
              file where the jobs will be stored

       -a, --all
              all jobs specified in the jobfile will be tried migrated

       -f, --forcemigration
              force migration, ignore kill failure

       -t, --timeout=seconds
              timeout in seconds (default 20)

       -z, --conffile=filename
              configuration file (default ~/.arc/client.conf)

       -d, --debug=debuglevel

       -b, --broker
              selected broker (default  Random)

       -v, --version
              print version information

       -?, --help
              print help


       jobid ...
              id of a queued job which should be migrated


       The  arcmigrate command is used for migrating jobs which are queuing in
       the batch system. Currently only jobs  having  status  Queuing  can  be
       migrated,  and  the  command  is  only  supported for migration between
       clusters running A-REX.

       The --qluster option can be used to force the job to be migrated  to  a
       particular cluster, or to reject migration to a particular cluster. The
       --qluster option can be repeated several times. The name of the cluster
       should be given in the format



       arcmigrate -q ARC1: ...
              will migrate a  to

       arcmigrate -q -ARC1: ...
              will    migrate    a    job   to   some   other   cluster   than

       Jobs to be migrated can be specified in serveral ways. Job IDs  can  be
       specified  as  arguments  on  the command line, clusters holding queued
       jobs can be specified with the --cluster option,  and  to  migrate  all
       jobs in the jobfile the --all option can be given.

       If the job(s) is successfully migrated a jobid(s) is printed to stdout.
       This jobid uniquely identifies the job while it is being executed.

       Information about active jobs, including the old job id of the migrated
       job,  are stored in a local joblist file. By using the --joblist option
       a customized location for this file can be defined. If this  option  is
       used  when migrating a job using arcmigrate, the same joblist file must
       be specified using the --joblist option for all subsequent handling  of
       the job using arcstat(1), arcget(1), etc.

       The  arcmigrate  command  locates  the  available  clusters by querying
       information index servers. Which servers to query can be  specified  by
       giving  the --index option to the command. The name of the index server
       should be given in the format



       arcmigrate       -i       ARC0:ldap://
       name=NorduGrid,o=grid ...
              use the NorduGrid index at

       arcmigrate         -i          -ARC0:ldap://
       name=Sweden,o=grid ...
              do not use the Sweden index at


              Some options can be given default values by specifying  them  in
              the  ARC  client  configuration  file.  By  using the --conffile
              option a different configuration  file  can  be  used  than  the

              This  a  local  list  of  the  user’s active jobs. When a job is
              successfully migrated the old jobid is removed and  the  new  is
              added  to this list. This list is used as the list of all active
              jobs when the user specifies the --all  option  to  the  various
              NorduGrid  ARC  user  interface commands. By using the --joblist
              option a different file can be used than the default.


              The location of the user’s grid proxy  file.  Shouldn’t  be  set
              unless the proxy is in a non-standard location.

              The  location  where  ARC  is installed can be specified by this
              variable.  If  not  specified  the  install  location  will   be
              determined  from  the path to the command being executed, and if
              this fails a WARNING will be given stating  the  location  which
              will be used.

              The  location  of ARC plugins can be specified by this variable.
              Multiple locations can be specified by separating them by  :  (;
              in Windows). The default location is $ARC_LOCATION/lib/arc (\ in


       APACHE LICENSE Version 2.0


       Mattias Ellert <>


       arccat(1), arcclean(1), arcget(1), arckill(1), arcresub(1), arcstat(1),
       arcsub(1), arccp(1), arcls(1), arcrm(1)