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       aqsis - 3D renderer adhering to the RenderMan standard


       aqsis [options] [RIB file...]


       Aqsis command line renderer

       -h, -help
              Print this help and exit

              Print version information and exit

       -pause Wait for a keypress on completion

              Print progress information

              Print    PRMan-compatible    progress    information    (ignores

       -progressformat=string printf-style format string for -progress

              Equivalent to "endofframe" RIB option

       -v, -verbose=integer
              Set log output level 0 = errors  1  =  warnings  (default)  2  =
              information 3 = debug

              Echo all RI API calls to the log output (experimental)

       -z, -priority=integer
              Control  the  priority  class of aqsis.  0 = idle 1 = normal 2 =
              high 3 = RT

              Specify a display device type to use

              Specify a display device type to add

              Specify a display device mode to use

       -d, -fb
              Same as --type="framebuffer" --mode="rgb"

       -crop x1 x2 y1 y2
              Specify a crop window, values are in screen space.

       -nc, -nocolor
              Disable colored output

       -beep  Beep on completion of all ribs

       -res x y
              Specify the resolution of the render.

              A valid RIB Option string, can be specified multiple times.

              Log messages to syslog

              Override the default shader searchpath(s)

              Override the default archive searchpath(s)

              Override the default texture searchpath(s)

              Override the default display searchpath(s)

              Override the default procedural searchpath(s)

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