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       apport-retrace - regenerate a crash report's stack trace


       apport-retrace [ OPTIONS ] report


       apport-retrace  regenerates  the  stack traces (both the simple and the
       threaded one) in an apport crash report from the  included  core  dump.
       For  this  it  figures  out  the  set  of  necessary packages and their
       accompanying debug symbol packages, so that the regenerated stack trace
       will  be fully symbolic and thus become much more useful for developers
       to fix the problem.

       apport-retrace attempts to install the missing packages. This  requires
       root  privileges,  but will work fine in a chroot with the fakeroot and
       fakechroot libraries, so that the entire process can be performed  with
       just normal user privileges.

       If  this  tool is run as normal user, then it will merely print out the
       missing packages as a warning and continue the  retracing  process.  It
       will yield worse up to unusable results, though.

       report  is  either  the  path to a .crash file, or a bug number. In the
       latter case, the information is downloaded from  the  bug  report,  and
       either  one of the options -g, -s, or -o have to be used to process the
       report locally, or --auth needs to be specified to attach the resulting
       stack traces back to the bug report.


       -c, --remove-core
              Remove   the  core  dump  from  the  report  after  stack  trace
              regeneration.  By default it is retained.

       -g, --gdb
              Start an interactive gdb session with the report's core dump.

       -s, --stdout
              Write the new stack traces to stdout  instead  of  putting  them
              back into the report.

       -o FILE, --output=FILE
              Write  modified  report  to  given  file instead of changing the
              original report.

       -R, --rebuild-package-info
              (Re-)generate  Packages:  and  Dependenencies:   fields   before
              retracing.  This is particularly useful if you want to retrace a
              .crash report before it was completed by running it through  the
              UI  data collection phase. However, this only works when you run
              this on the very same system where the crash happened.

       -v, --verbose
              Report  download/install  progress  when  installing  additional

       -u, --unpack-only
              Only unpack the additionally required packages, do not configure
              them.  The additional packages are purged again after retracing.
              This  is  particularly  useful  when  running  this program in a
              fakeroot environment, when not  every  package  can  be  cleanly
              installed completely.

       -p, --extra-package
              Install  an  additional  package for retracing. May be specified
              multiple times.

       -h, --help
              Print a short help that documents all options.

              If a bug number is given without any of the options -g,  -s,  or
              -o,  then  the  retraced  stack  traces are attached to the bug.
              Since this needs authentication, an authentication file for  the
              crash  database  must  be  specified.  This  could  e. g. be the
              standard cookies.txt from  Firefox'  profile  directory  if  the
              crash database uses cookie based authentication.

              Display  retraced  stack  traces and ask for confirmation before
              uploading them to the bug report. This option  is  ignored  when
              retracing report files.

              Specify path to the duplicate check database (in SQLite format).
              The database will be created and  initialized  if  it  does  not
              exist.  If  not  specified,  apport-retrace  will  not check for


       apport  and  the  accompanying  tools  are  developed  by  Martin  Pitt