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       lipsia  - Leipzig Image Processing and Statistical Inference Algorithms


       Lipsia is a software package for the data processing and evaluation  of
       functional magnetic resonance images.  It was developed over the course
       of several years at the Max-Planck-Institute for  Human  Cognitive  and
       Brain  Sciences  in  Leipzig,  Germany.   The  analysis  of  fMRI  data
       comprises various aspects including filtering, spatial  transformation,
       statistical  evaluation  as well as segmentation and visualization. All
       these aspects are covered by Lipsia. For the statistical evaluation,  a
       number   of   well   established   and  peer-reviewed  algorithms  were
       implemented  in  Lipsia  that  allow  an  effcient  and   user-friendly
       processing  of  fMRI  data  sets.  As  the  amount of data that must be
       handled is enormous, an important aspect in the development Lipsia  was
       the efficiency of the software implementation.

       Lipsia currently operates exclusively on data in the VISTA data format.
       However, the package contains converters  for  medical  image  data  in
       iBruker,  ANALYZE   and  NIfTI  format  -- converting VISTA images into
       NIfTI files is also supported.

       Lipsia documentation and online help  is  provided  by  the  lipsia-doc
       package, and is accessible through the ‘lipsia-help‘ command.


       The Lipsia homepage at


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