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       afm2afm - reencode an afm file


       afm2afm -e encoding [-o output] afmfile


       This program reencodes an afm file. It's mainly intended to be used
       with afm files that were extracted from TrueType or OpenType fonts,
       since these are often too big to be handled with tools like fontinst
       (Adobe's CaflischScriptPro-Regular font, for example, contains 1289
       glyphs and 278678 kerning pairs, leading to an afm file of nearly 9MB).

       Glyphs that are absent from the chosen encoding aren't written to the
       output, which yields much smaller output files.

       The program also generates an entry for a dvips-style map file.


       Option names were chosen to match those of ttf2afm.

       -e encoding
           Reencode using the encoding given in file encoding.

       -o output
           Write the reencoded afm to file output instead of "stdout".  The
           mapfile entry will still be written to "stdout".


       All input files are searched using kpsewhich or findtexmf when these
       commands are available; otherwise only the current working directory is


       autoinst, cmap2enc, font2afm, ot2kpx, pfm2kpx.


       Marc Penninga <>


       2005-01-10  First version

       2005-01-25  Added printing of mapfile entry

       2005-02-18  Rewrote some of the code

       2005-03-08  Input files searched via kpsewhich (where available)

       2005-03-15  Input files searched using kpsewhich or findtexmf (if

       2005-04-15  Updated creation of mapfile entry; look for font file to
                   deduce the correct font file format (pfb, pfa, ttf). If no
                   font file is found, pfb is assumed.

       2005-04-20  Program quits if the specified output file exists

       2005-04-29  Improved the documentation

       2005-07-29  Some updates to the documentation

       2006-01-12  A few minor changes to the code