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       adactl - Ada rules controller


       adactl [options] unit[+|-unit]|[@]file ...  [-- ASIS_options]

       adactl  -h  [rule  id...  | all | commands | license | list | options |
              rules | version]


       AdaControl is an Ada rules controller. It is used to control  that  Ada
       software  meets  the requirements of a number of parameterizable rules.
       It is not intended to supplement  checks  made  by  the  compiler,  but
       rather  to  search for particular violations of good-practice rules, or
       to check that some rules are obeyed project-wide.

       Commercial   support   is   available   for   AdaControl,   see    file
       /usr/share/doc/adacontrol/support.txt.  If  you  plan to use AdaControl
       for industrial projects, or if you want it to be customized or extended
       to match your own needs, please contact Adalog at


       -C     Check rules syntax only.  Accepts -d, -f, -l, -v, -x.

       -D     Generate dependencies.  Accepts -o, -p, -r, -s, -w, -x.

       -h     Prints a general help message.

       -h rule
              Describe rule.

       -h all Describe all rules.

       -h commands|license|options|version
              Describe  all  commands,  the  licence (GPL), the options or the
              version number.

       -h list
              List the rules in a format suitable  for  use  inside  the  GNAT
              Programming Studio.

       -h rules
              List the rules in a normal format.

       -I     Interactive mode.  Accepts all options.


       -d     Enable debug mode.

       -e     Treat warnings (Search) as errors (Check)

       -E     Print only errors (Check).

       -f file
              Use file for the specification of rules

              Choose output format.

       -i     Ignore local deactivations.

       -l rule...
              Process with the specified rules; see below.

       -o file
              Send output to the specified file.

       -p file
              Specify an emacs ada-mode project file (.adp)

       -r     Recursive

       -s     Only process Ada unit specifications

       -S level
              Produce statistics; level is an integer in the range 0 .. 4.

       -t trace_file
              Send a trace to the specified file.

       -T     Report execution time of rules.

       -u     Treat all parameters as Ada units

       -v     Enable verbose mode.

       -w     Overwrite output file (works with -o)

       -x     Exit when internal error


       The following rules are available for the -l option:
          Abnormal_Function_Return        Allocators
          Array_Declarations              Barrier_Expressions
          Case_Statement                  Characters
          Declarations                    Default_Parameter
          Directly_Accessed_Globals       Duplicate_Initialization_Calls
          Entities                        Entity_Inside_Exception
          Exception_Propagation           Expressions
          Global_References               Header_Comments
          Improper_Initialization         Instantiations
          Insufficient_Parameters         Local_Hiding
          Max_Blank_Lines                 Max_Call_Depth
          Max_Line_Length                 Max_Nesting
          Max_Size                        Max_Statement_Nesting
          Movable_Accept_Statements       Multiple_Assignments
          Naming_Convention               Non_Static
          Not_Elaboration_Calls           Not_Selected_Name
          No_Operator_Usage               Object_Declarations
          Other_Dependencies              Parameter_Aliasing
          Parameter_Declarations          Potentially_Blocking_Operations
          Pragmas                         Reduceable_Scope
          Representation_Clauses          Return_Type
          Side_Effect_Parameters          Silent_Exceptions
          Simplifiable_Expressions        Simplifiable_Statements
          Special_Comments                Statements
          Style                           Terminating_Tasks
          Type_Initial_Values             Uncheckable
          Units                           Unnecessary_Use_Clause
          Unsafe_Paired_Calls             Unsafe_Unchecked_Conversion
          Usage                           Use_Clauses


       AdaControl   was   developed  by  Adalog  〈〉  under
       contract with Eurocontrol 〈〉.  The  copyright
       is jointly owned by Adalog and Eurocontrol.

       This manual page was written by Ludovic Brenta <> and
       is licensed under terms of the GNU Public License.


       AdaControl  User’s  Guide,  available  in  Info,  PDF,  and   HTML   in

       AdaControl  Programmer’s  Guide,  available  in  Info, PDF, and HTML in