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       ada2wsdl - Generate a WDSL document from an Ada package specification


       ada2wsdl [options] ada_spec


       The  Ada  Web Server is a library that allows you to embed a web server
       into your Ada application.  It provides not only HTTP  but  also  SOAP,
       WSDL and several other facilities.  Thus you can write full-fledged web

       WSDL (Web Service Definition Language) is  a  language  based  on  XML.
       WSDL  documents  describe,  in  a  formal  way,  the  interface  to Web
       Services. This description consists of the end-point (URL to the server
       offering  the  service),  the  SOAPAction  (needed  to  call the remote
       procedure), the procedure names and a  description  of  the  input  and
       output parameters.

       Using  ada2wsdl,  you  can  create  a  WSDL document that describes Web
       Services provided by an Ada package.  ada2wsdl uses ASIS to parse  your
       Ada package specification, and generates a WSDL document by mapping Ada
       types to Web Services types, and Ada subprograms to operations.

       Please see the AWS User's guide for more details on how ada2wsdl works,
       and how you can use it to develop web services.


       -a url Specify the URL for the Web Server address. Web Services will be
              available at this address. A port can be specified on  the  URL,
              http://server[:port]. The default value is http://.../.

       -f     Force creation of the WSDL file. Overwrite exiting file with the
              same name.

       -I path
              Add path option for the ASIS compilation step. This  option  can
              appear any number of time on the command line.

              Do  not  generate  WSDL representation for Ada enumerations, map
              them to standard string.

       -o file
              Generate the WSDL document into file.

       -q     Quiet mode (no output).

       -s name
              Specify the Web Service name for the WSDL document,  by  default
              the spec package's name is used.

       -v     Verbose mode, display the parsed spec.


       ada2wsdl does not handle constrained arrays in records.

       Unbounded_String are supported with full interoperability only inside a

       Only unconstrained arrays are supported.

       Arrays with multiple dimensions are not supported.


       awsres(1), wsdl2aws(1)

       The Ada Web Server User's Guide in package libaws-doc.


       wsdl2aws was written by  Dmitriy  Anisimkov  <>  and
       Pascal Obry <> as part of the Ada Web Server.

       This     manual     page     was     written    by    Ludovic    Brenta
       <> for Debian GNU/Linux.