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       acgvision-agent - acgvision-agent monitoring client.




       This manual page documents briefly the acgvision-agent command.

       acgvision-agent starts the acgvision client program.


       ACGVision is a client/server monitoring system. It is made of 4 parts :
       -acgvision-core is the  server.  It  servs  jobs  to  agents,  computes
       informations to diplay on the console and sends email about events.
       -acgvision-agent is the client. It monitors system activity.
       -acgvision-console  which is a Joomla pluggin displaying repports about
       activity and allowing selecting monitoring job to apply to each agents.
       -acgvision-parameter  is  the  GUI  to  help  to  make  jobs and create
       templates (services) to use on acgvision.


       Acgvision-agent is the client  used  by  ACGVision  to  monitor  system
       activity.  It  comes by default with abilities to monitor CPU activity,
       memory, filesystem free space, processes. It needs to be setup from the
       server acgvision.

       Once  the acgvision-agent starts it asks to the server what to monitor,
       which commands to execute and when to execute them. Once it executes  a
       command.  It  checks the result and compares it to event values. If the
       value corresponds to the criterias it sends an event to the core  which
       will  email  it to the host owner and followers. The event will also be
       display on the web console.

       It communicates to the server using SOAP using http or https. The agent
       has  the abilities to repport events and execute scripts on failure. It
       is also compatible with most of nagios' scripts.


       acgvision-agent was written by ACGCenter (

       This manual page was written by Rmi Debay <>.

                                  23/04/2010                      ACGVISION(1)