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       aatv - a program to watch TV in a text-based console


       aatv [options]


       aatv  is  a  small program which allows you to watch TV in a text-based
       console, i.e. in a virtual console or in an xterm.

       If you just want to see what it does,  and  don’t  want  to  mess  with
       frequencies just tune your TV card, with xawtv(1) for example, and then
       launch aatv. When aatv starts, it keeps the frequency the card is tuned
       on.  You might have to change the video mode (to PAL, NTSC or SECAM) in
       the config file.


       q Quit the program.
       c Switch from TV to composite, or from composite to TV.
       s Change video mode (PAL, SECAM, NTSC).
       v Flip image.
       b Show the frequency, you may then press enter or type a new value.

       AA image controls:

       f Turn ON/OFF fast rendering.
       a No dithering.
       e Dithering mode 1.
       r Dithering mode 2.

       p Show the contrast value, you may then  press  enter  or  type  a  new
       m Decreases the contrast.
       !  Increases the contrast.

       ’o,l,:: Do the same with brightness.

       Tuner image controls:i,k,;: Contrast.
       ’u,j,,: Brightness.
       ’y,h,n: Whiteness.


       A summary of options is included below.
       For a complete description type aatv -help.

       -help Show summary of options.

              Select  driver. Available drivers: linux, slang, X11, stdout and

              Select keyboard driver. Available drivers: slang, X11 and stdin.

              Select mouse driver. Available drivers: X11, gpm and dos.

       -width Set width.

              Set height.

              Set minimum width.

              Set minimum height.

              Set maximum width.

              Set maximum height.

              Set recommended width.

              Set recommended height.

       -dim   Enable usage of dim (half bright) attribute.

       -bold  Enable usage of bold (double bright) attribute.

              Enable usage of reverse attribute.

              Enable usage of normal attribute.

              Enable usage of boldfont attribute.

              Disable an attribute (e.g. -nobold).

              Use all 256 characters.

       -eight Use eight bit ASCII.

       -font <font>
              Select  font.  This  option  is  used on hardware where aalib is
              unable to determine the current  font.  Available  fonts:  vga8,
              vga9, mda14, vga14, X8x13, X8x16, X8x13bold, vgagl8 and line.

              Enable inverse rendering.

              Disable inverse rendering.

       -bright <val>
              Set brightness (0-255).

       -contrast <val>
              Set contrast (0-255).

       -gamma <val>
              Set gamma correction value (0-1).

              Disable dithering.

              Floyd Steinberg dithering.

              Error distribution dithering.

       -random <val>
              Set random dithering value (0-inf).

       -dimmul <val>
              Multiply factor for dim attribute (5.3).

       -boldmul <val>
              Multiply factor for bold attribute (2.7).


              The per-user configfile of aatv.

              The  system-wide aatv configfile. It’s used if no ~/.aatv
              is found.


       Please   report   any   bugs   you   find   to    Mike    Jagdis


       aatv is covered by the GNU General Public License (GPL).


       xawtv(1), fbtv(1).


       Florent de Lamotte <>.

       This  manual  page  was  written by Uwe Hermann <uh1763@hermann->, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but  may  be  used  by

       The  OPTIONS  section  of this manpage was ripped from the bb(1)
       manpage by Michael Bramer <>  and  was  slightly
       improved by Uwe Hermann <>.

                               December 27, 2000