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       a5booklet  -  copy  two  A5  pages  from  a .dvi file to one A4 page in


       a5booklet file[.dvi]


       A5booklet is a little script that allows you to typeset  two  A5  pages
       next to eachother on a single A4 page (landscape), combining pages from
       the original file in such a way that after double  sided  printing  and
       some  reshuffeling of the pages you get a nice a5 booklet that is ready
       for a staple in the middle.

       The script calls a very clever program dvidvi, written by Tomas Rokicki
       (the author of dvips), that does the real work.

       The output is written to two files, file-1.dvi and file-2.dvi

       dvips -ta4 -tlandscape file-1

       then  put  the  stack  upside doen in the printer, and print the second
       file using

       dvips -ta4 -tlandscape file-2

       Make sure that the bottom of the A5-pages is on the correct side of the
       paper  when  you  put the stack back for printing the back side.  After
       the two print jobs, you must re-shuffle the paper stack before you  can
       staple it.


       tex(1), dvips(1), dvidvi(1).


       The script has A4 papersize hardwired into it.  Admittedly, a European-
       centered way of thinking.

       Page number 1 is always the first page in the original .dvi  file,  not
       the page numbered 1 by TeX’s numbering scheme.


       A5booklet     is     written     by     David     A.     van    Leeuwen
       (, but is is not original in  any  way.   The
       main  two  lines  that  do  the  work are inspired from the man page of
       dvidvi.  A5booklet is available under the conditions of the Gnu  Public

                                 OCTOBER 1997