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       a2x - A toolchain manager for AsciiDoc (converts Asciidoc text files to
       other file formats)


       a2x [OPTIONS] FILE


       A DocBook toolchain manager that translates an AsciiDoc text file FILE
       to PDF, EPUB, DVI, PS, LaTeX, XHTML (single page or chunked), man page,
       HTML Help or plain text formats using asciidoc(1) and other
       applications (see REQUISITES section). FILE can also be a DocBook file
       with an .xml extension.


       -a, --attribute=ATTRIBUTE
           Set asciidoc(1) attribute value (shortcut for --asciidoc-opts="-a
           ATTRIBUTE" option). This option may be specified more than once.

           Additional asciidoc(1) options.

           Load configuration file. See CONF FILES section.

       -D, --destination-dir=PATH
           Output directory. Defaults to source FILE directory.

       -d, --doctype=DOCTYPE
           DocBook document type: article, manpage or book. Default document
           type is article unless the format is manpage (in which case it
           defaults to manpage).

       -f, --format=FORMAT
           Output formats: chunked, docbook, dvi, epub, htmlhelp, manpage, pdf
           (default), ps, tex, text, xhtml.

       -h, --help
           Print command-line syntax and program options to stdout.

           Use admonition or navigation icon images in output documents. The
           default behavior is to use text in place of icons.

           A path (relative to output files) containing admonition and
           navigation icons. Defaults to images/icons. The --icons option is
           implicit if this option is used.

           Use lynx(1) to generate text formatted output. The default behavior
           is to use w3m(1).

       -L, --no-xmllint
           Do not check asciidoc output with xmllint(1).

           Check EPUB output with epubcheck(1).

       -n, --dry-run
           Do not do anything just print what would have been done.

       -r, --resource-dir=PATH
           If a relative image or CSS resource is not found relative to the
           source FILE then search the PATH recursively. This option may be
           specified more than once.

           A path (relative to destination HTML files) specifying the
           docbook-xsl CSS stylesheet file. Defaults to docbook-xsl.css.
           Applies to HTML formats: xhtml, epub, chunked, htmlhelp formats.

       -v, --verbose
           Print operational details to stderr. A second -v option applies the
           verbose option to toolchain commands.

           Print program version to stdout.

           Additional xsltproc(1) options.

           Use FOP to generate PDFs. The default behavior is to use
           dblatex(1). The --fop option is implicit if this option is used.

           Additional fop(1) options. If this option is specified FOP is used
           to generate PDFs.

           Additional dblatex(1) options.


       Output files are written to the directory specified by the
       --destination-dir option. If no --destination-dir option is set output
       files are written to the source FILE directory.

       Output files have the same name as the source FILE but with an
       appropriate file name extension: .html for xhtml; .epub for epub; .hhp
       for htmlhelp; .pdf for pdf; .text for text, .xml for docbook. By
       convention manpages have no .man extension (man page section number
       only). Chunked HTML directory names have a .chunked extension; chunked
       HTML Help directory names have a .htmlhelp extension.

       Same named existing files are overwritten.

       In addition to generating HTML files the xhtml, epub, chunked and
       htmlhelp formats copy images and CSS stylesheet files referenced in the
       generated HTML outputs from locations relative to the asciidoc input
       FILE to the correct relative destination directory locations generating
       required sub-directories if necessary. See also the --resource-dir


       a2x -f pdf doc/source-highlight-filter.txt
           Generates doc/source-highlight-filter.pdf file.

       a2x -f xhtml -D ../doc --icons -r ../images team.txt
           Creates HTML file ../doc/team.html, uses admonition icons and
           searches ../images for any missing resources.

       a2x -f manpage doc/asciidoc.1.txt
           Generate doc/asciidoc.1 manpage.


       a2x uses the following programs:

       ·    Asciidoc:

       ·    xsltproc: (all formats except text):

       ·    DocBook XSL Stylesheets (all formats except text):

       ·    dblatex (pdf, dvi, ps, tex formats):

       ·    FOP (pdf format — alternative PDF file generator):

       ·    w3m (text format):

       ·    Lynx (text format — alternative text file generator):

       See also the latest README file.


       A configuration file contains executable Python code that overrides the
       global configuration parameters in Optional configuration files
       are loaded in the following order:

        1.  a2x.conf from the AsciiDoc global configuration directory.

        2.  a2x.conf from the AsciiDoc $HOME/.asciidoc configuration

        3.  a2x.conf from the directory containing

        4. The CONF_FILE specified in the --conf-file option.


       See the AsciiDoc distribution BUGS file.


       Written by Stuart Rackham, <[1]>



       Main web site:


       Copyright (C) 2002-2009 Stuart Rackham. Free use of this software is
       granted under the terms of the MIT license.