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       ImageSetStatistics - part of ANTS registration suite


       Usage:     ./ImageSetStatistics     ImageDimension     controlslist.txt
       outimage.nii                    whichstat                     {roi.nii}

       whichstat = 0:
              median,   1:  max prob appearance  , 2: weighted mean appearance
              ,   3:  trimmed  mean  ,  4  :  max   value   ,   option   5   :
              similarity-weighted (must pass imagelist2 as well) else median ,
              option 6 : same as similarity-weighted option 5  but  the  label
              corresponds  to the image that provides the best local match ...
              useful if you want to MRF smooth these indices   ,  option  7  :
              similar  to  5 but expects the max-value to be stored in the ROI
              image and uses it to get the intensity ...

              ImageSetStatistics  3   imagelist.txt  maxvalueimage.nii.gz 4

              similarity weighted --- pass in a list of similarity images here
              which  will be used to select the best label --- thus, number of
              similarity images must match the number of label images .