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       FvwmSave - the Fvwm desktop-layout saving module


       FvwmSave is spawned by fvwm, so no command line invocation will work.


       When  called,  this  module  will  attempt to save your current desktop
       layout into a file called new.xinitrc. Ideally,  this  file  will  look
       just  like  .xinitrc, but in reality, you will have to edit it to get a
       usable configuration, so be sure to keep a backup of your old .xinitrc.

       Your  applications  must  supply  certain hints to the X window system.
       Emacs, for example, does not, so FvwmSave  can’t  get  any  information
       from it.

       Also,  FvwmSave  assumes that certain command line options are globally
       accepted by applications, which may not be the case.