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       FBReader - e-book reader


       FBReader  [-zlui  ui-type]  [ui-specific  options] [-lang language] [e-


       FBReader is an e-book reader. It supports most open e-book formats, and
       can read compressed e-book archives.

       For  more  information  on  using the program, see the "About FBReader"
       button on its toolbar.


       -zlui ui-type
              Try to start FBReader with the specified uu type.  Supported  ui
              types  are  gtk (to use Gtk+ library), qt (Qt 3 library) and qt4
              (Qt 4 library).

       ui-specific options
              Standard options from the UI library you use (Gtk+, Qt3 or Qt4).

       -lang language
              Language   for  user  interface.  Current  version  of  fbreader
              supports English (specify -lang en option), French  (-lang  fr),
              Russian (-lang ru) and Ukrainian (-lang uk).

       e-book Name  of  file  to  open.  If  this  parameter  is missing or if
              FBReader cannot open the specified file, the  last  opened  file
              will  be  reopened.  If you start FBReader for the first time or
              the last opened file is missing, "About FBReader" text  will  be


       This  man  page was written by Joey Hess <> and Nikolay
       Pultsin <> for  the  Debian  system,  but  may  be
       freely reused on other systems.