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       ConvertImagePixelType - part of ANTS registration suite


       ConvertImagePixelType infile.nii out.ext TYPE-OPTION


              ext is the extension you want, e.g. tif.  TYPE-OPTION  :  TYPE

       0      :  char

       1      :  unsigned char

       2      :  short

       3      :  unsigned short

       4      :  int

       5      :  unsigned int

       Note  that  some  pixel  types are not supported by some image formats.
              int is not supported by jpg.

              You  can  easily  extend  this  for other pixel types with a few
              lines of code and adding usage info.  The image  intensity  will
              be scaled to the dynamic range of the pixel type.  E.g. uchar =>
              0  (min), 255 (max).